LED Visual Effects System

Light began as an internal development system for our LED visual effects products. We built it to solve a fundamental problem: Too often, creative tools are designed more for engineers than artists. Existing systems are also complicated, requiring custom programming for each new visual effect. 


Light takes a new approach, combining hardware with creative software that lets you add custom lighting to almost anything. Light lets you tell a story with subtle gradients, sparkles, natural motion, and layered effects. After years of design, numerous prototypes, and tons of testing, we’re finally ready to launch our Kickstarter and start production. We hope you’ll join us. . . .

Mushroom Mayhem

iOS Game

Mushroom Mayhem is a fast-paced game inspired by classic arcade favorites like Galaga: Pilot your rocket microbus through outer space to defend the Earth against giant mushrooms.


This project combined the skills and passions of everyone at RocketLife, starting with the lead programmer, who wanted to bring back the fun of the 1980s games he’d worked on. His enthusiasm drew others on the team to contribute graphic design, original music, and storytelling ideas. Favorite comment: “But what’s the mushrooms’ motivation to fly in a circle?” Find out in the free download »


Collaboration Made Easy

We take on numerous different projects at once and work with talented people of all types from all over the world. We also believe in sharing the success of every project with each person who helped.


It turns out a lot of other people think that way too, so we decided to create kalabbr to make it easy.


The kalabbr app lets anyone quickly create and reward a team. Create new products together and sell them online: kalabbr automatically splits the revenue. Gather a group to complete a project: kalabbr pays each contributor the correct amount.


–Coming Soon for iOS and Web–


Blow up Your Photos

Biggify is a simple and speedy iOS app that turns tiny phone photos into wall-size art. It works by spreading a single photo across multiple pages. Line up the pages to make a panorama, or overlap them to make dramatic art. You can add a graphic for the final touch, then print wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad.


Biggify combines the speed of mobile apps with an artistic way to expand photos beyond the small screen.


Design in Motion

Xero combines our expertise in software, electronics, and industrial design with our love for quality gear. We used advanced 3D software, computer-controlled mills, and precision lasers to create an item you can’t find anywhere else. This project was an opportunity to turn our passion for great design into a device we ourselves would want to hold, spin, and share: a small, exquisite machine that feels wonderful in your hand.


Reviewers agree: “It is beautiful — spins great, forever and silently.”


Rediscover Fire

Flame is a premium personal light designed to capture the emotion of fire, moonlight, shooting stars, and more. It’s filled with magical visual effects, yet small enough to fit in your hand. We designed Flame to make it easy for anyone to create and perform beautiful visual effects and take them anywhere. Like •X•, Flame is easy to personalize with our Light Effects Designer app.


–Coming Soon–

Stickers by RocketLife

Give Your Texts More Character

Stickers by RocketLife is an iOS app that lets you add fun graphics to text messages. We designed all the graphics in-house, from the distinctive “Bluemoji” characters to hand-lettered sentiments. After adding the graphics to our desktop creativity software, we realized the look was perfect for texting too. Insider tip: If you survive long enough in Mushroom Mayhem, you’ll find a Bluemoji bonus there as well.

HP Photo Creations

Desktop Printing Software

HP Photo Creations is RocketLife’s creative printing app for Mac and Windows. It’s distributed worldwide by HP, running in 22 languages. Customers can print projects like books, cards, and calendars themselves, order their projects for home delivery in 19 countries, and collaborate online.


The program combines unique editing features derived from our background in visual effects as well as contemporary designs from our in-house artists.

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