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And You Thought

BIRDS Were Angry…

Shows circle level action

Professor Frank Funguy really, really liked mushrooms.

He wanted to make them


But something went horribly, horribly WRONG.

The mutant mushrooms shot into space. Professor Funguy jumped into his Rocket Microbus to save us all from…


160 Levels

We Put the Fun in Fungus

Game Center Enabled

Easy to Play

Shoot the mushroom minions, collect power-ups, and prepare to battle the bosses.

Test your skill against the world’s most seasoned fungus fighters. Can you crack the Top 10?

Drag your finger to move. Tap under the bus to fire. Hold down to fire continuously. 

Meet the Mushrooms

They don’t like you either



Big N Tiny

Miss Kitty

Green Thang

Orange Guy

Blue Mood


No Truffle

Get the Power-Ups

Hit these targets for extra powers

Space Pig


Double Zap

Power Zap

Hyper Zap

Loves to gobble mushrooms. As you advance in levels, his appetite grows.

Increase your life energy. (When it’s gone, you’re gone.)

Adds a second laser canon for a wider zap. Helpful for hitting glop.

Pump up your lasers. Each dumbbell you hit increases the strength.

Increase the speed your laser blasts fly through space.

Bus Speed




Rapid Fire

Each time you hit the flame, your Rocket Microbus can fly even faster.

Shoot ’em into the bucket for extra points. If they hit your bus, they’ll slow it down.

This benevolent Bluemoji grants you an extra life. Use it more wisely next time.

Laugh off mushroom attacks — while your shield lasts.

Shoot more laser blasts per minute when you’re in Autofire mode.


The game was amazing. Really loved it.


Intense! Immediate action from the get-go.


Space Pig is so ridiculously cheesy. We literally laughed out loud.

Press Kit

Holy Shiitake! Mushroom Mayhem brings retro gaming action to iOS

At RocketLife, we have fond memories of playing classic arcade games like Space Invaders and Galaga. So we set out to bring back that fun in a pocket-size format we could share with our friends.


As the game begins, Professor Frank Funguy is experimenting on mushrooms to make them bigger, bolder, and tastier. But something goes horribly wrong: The furious mushrooms shoot into outer space and begin attacking Earth. Playing as the Professor, you jump into a rocket-powered microbus to defend the planet.


The controls are easy to learn: Drag your finger to move, tap under the bus to fire, hold down for rapid fire. You’ll need quick reflexes and fast thinking to fight the mushrooms, which attack in increasingly complex formations. Apple Game Center integration powers a worldwide Top 10 list to drive competition.


App Apes awarded Mushroom Mayhem 8.5/10 for gameplay and 7.6 overall, praising its unique power-ups, such as the mushroom-munching Space Pig (our wink at Pac-Man). 


Another retro hat-tip arrives around level 42, when mushrooms transform into blobs of radioactive glop. If you shoot the glop just right, you can deflect it into a barrel for safe disposal. (Back in the 1980s, Lead Programmer Randy Jongens worked on the Amiga version of one of the first computer basketball games, “Dr. J and Larry Bird Go One on One.”)


In designing Mushroom Mayhem, Randy wondered, “What would it be like to create a game with yesterday’s gameplay mechanics? I saw several classic behaviors that could be used in a single game. Inspiration for the flow and some of the levels came from Space Invaders, Alien Rain, Galaga, and Gyruss. Nothing is a direct copy. It’s more of an homage to each gameplay element. The Top 10 list is another old-school element.”


The soundtrack is also a blend of old and new, with power-ups synthesized from square waves and levels featuring chiptune-inspired music. Another retro bonus: The game is smaller than 15 MB, including a free iMessage sticker pack, making it a quick download. 


Mushroom Mayhem is free in the App Store. To see what else we’re cooking up, visit or use our contact form below.

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