Here's a selection of projects made with RocketLife Light technology. Each is driven by a LightBoard or LightBox controller, with effects created in our LightDesigner software. Click any image for background and videos.
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Architectural Lighting & Signage


RocketLife CircleLight is a new kind of designer wall light that produces beautiful warm whites, rich colors, and sophisticated motion effects.

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Park Benches

BarChefs' battery-powered benches turn any park into a party. Buyers can make their own patterns and control them from a phone with the LightMobile app.

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Halloween Lighting

A motion sensor connected to a RocketLife LightBoard triggers the lights and sounds in this Halloween installation.

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Lobby Sign

A motion sensor beneath our entry sign triggers a welcoming animation when visitors enter. It's lit by a single LED strip animated with LightDesigner.

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Coffee Sign

This sign also uses a single LED strip. We laser-etched the face to create translucent areas for the light to shine through the text and images.

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Fashion & Wearables

Diamond Hoodie

To light up this cotton hoodie, we cut up an addressable LED strip and attached it to a solid backing. A USB battery pack drives the LightBoard and LEDs.

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Sparkle Dress

Fashion designers Amped Atelier used two LED matrices and LightDesigner to create sparkles. It's all running from the internal battery in LightBox.

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Cowboy Hat

The groove at the top of this hat was big enough to fit a LightBoard Mini and three AAA batteries for a truly portable show. We're working on a bike helmet next.

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Thundercloud Costume

A young friend wanted to be a thundercloud for Halloween, so we helped set up the lightning effect.

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Cornhole Game

Our illuminated cornhole game is a huge hit at shows, with people lined up all day and night to play. It uses two sensors plus sound for interactivity.

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RocketLife BikeLight

A RocketLife LightBoard in the under-seat bag animates three strips of LEDs. A button on the handlebars lets you change patterns while riding.

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